VIDEO: US researchers develop assistive tech advancement with customisable robotic exosuit

VIDEO: US researchers develop assistive tech advancement with customisable robotic exosuit

The new system only needs a couple of seconds of strolling to capture the muscles profile, and the assistive innovation development might be utilized to help individuals with strolling problems.

Credit: Biodesign Lab, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard University

Harvard University researchers, partially moneyed by the US National Science Foundation, have developed a sophisticated soft robotic exosuit that rapidly personalizes itself to the user for personalised and activity-specific support.

To date, personalizing wearable robotic assistance to a persons walking needs hours of manual or automatic tuning.

Nevertheless, this new class of wearable assistive technology applies mechanical help to the users joints and muscles in a matter of seconds. The system utilizes ultrasound measurements of muscle dynamics to establish a personalised and activity-specific help profile for users of the exosuit.

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Findings from this research have actually been released in the journal Science Robotics.

Check out more about this assistive innovation research study here.

Harvard University researchers caught ultrasound images of the calf muscles of participants as they performed a series of strolling tasks.

When checked in real-world circumstances, the exosuit was able to quickly adjust to changes in strolling speed and incline. The team prepares to test the system capacity to make consistent, real-time changes next.

” From these pre-recorded images, we approximated the assistive force to be applied in parallel with the calf muscles to offset the additional work needed to carry out during the push-off phase of the strolling cycle,” stated Krithika Swaminathan, a co-author of the research study.

Robert Howe, a co-author of the research study, added that: “Our muscle-based method makes it possible for relatively quick generation of individualised help profiles that provide genuine benefit to the person strolling.”

See the exosuit in action in the brief video listed below:


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