Wanted: Your Favorite Assistive Technology

Wanted: Your Favorite Assistive Technology

#ATAwarenessDay is April 14th! Assist us commemorate assistive technology (AT) in all its kinds.

Inform United States Your Favorite AT!

Possibly its your wheelchair?

Perhaps its an adapted pen?

Maybe its the spectacles that indicate you can see once again?

Assist us count down to #ATAwarenessDay on April 14th

We will develop a blog site post and if we get a strong enough response, we will Facebook and Tweet images with your words to get the party began. (Of course, you can inform us if you want to stay confidential, too.).

We d like to read and publish your words of love for your preferred gadgets. Send out 1-3 sentences describing why you love your AT (and what it is, obviously). We d value a picture (but do not let that stop you).

Why do you love your assistive technology?

Or the AT of a liked one or someone you admire …