Welcome Kentucky AT Service Network Blog!

Welcome Kentucky AT Service Network Blog!

Something else the programs have in typical? They are striving right now to get the word out about their AT services. Covid-19 precautions have ended supplier fairs, in-person trainings, and awareness occasions. Each is checking out imaginative services for how to reach you.

In the meantime, examine out this wonderful video trip of the Wendell Foster Technology and Resource Center in Kentucky. Wendell Foster is a KATS Network program partner and this video was just recently included at their new blog site. Get motivated by AT and AT service chances (the link listed below begins at minute 1:15 to take you directly through their AT regional center doors).

Your State or Territory AT Program may be blogging or hosting webinars or publishing videos or sending out newsletters (or using all of these methods) to assist its neighborhood members find out about assistive innovation solutions and how to acquire AT services.

The objective of the Kentucky program (the KATS Network) is to make assistive innovation info, gadgets and services quickly available for individuals of any age and/or special needs. Spoiler: every State and Territory AT Program shares these objectives.

One technique to improving outreach and awareness is through a blog. The Kentucky program has actually just recently launched their KATS Network Blog.

A pandemic alone can not keep elders, veterans, and individuals with disabilities of all ages from learning more about and benefiting from assistive innovation.

Did you know every state and area has an assistive technology (AT) program? Each is funded by the Assistive Innovation Act of 1998, as changed.